Unfortunately I had to sell my house a few years ago. Thankfully I found a lovely little apartment in Northern Virginia, which means I have all the beauty of the four seasons!

1-Virginia Apartment

Love having the deck facing the privacy of the woods!

2-Virginia Apartment-Deck 

As much fun as a woodburning fireplace could be, it takes up valuable real estate in this teeny living area. I have to call my social events squeezes, just like the James and Dolly Madison called their social events in nearby Washington, D.C. Funny when we learned that on a trip to Montpelier, because I thought my daughter had coined the term when she was a toddler. This photo was taken from the small dining room.

3-Virginia Apartment-Living Room 

Here is the master suite. It has a teeny tiny bathroom attached. More importantly, it has a decent walk-in closet, with hanging space on 3 sides of the closet. Room for not only my modern clothes but also my historical wardrobe.

4-Virginia Apartment-Master Suite 

The second bedroom, which my son claimed, is about the same size as the master. He also has a walk-in closet, but with hanging space on only one side. Amazingly he has a huge bathroom, just across the hall.

5-Virginia Apartment-Second Bedroom 

Then back to the kitchen (again taken from the small dining room).

6-Virginia Apartment-Kitchen 

Unfortunately I can’t paint the stark white walls. Therefore I have to be especially creative with decorating. Stay tuned for remodel posts…but this post was to show the starting point. I’m also updating blog posts of previous remodeling projects. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Remodeling my new Virginia apartment

  1. It will be fun to see your decorating schemes! I've had decorating on the mind for the last few months. I always enjoy seeing what other people come up with.Best,Quinn


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