It’s that time of year again, Me Made May…the 2021 version! I greatly appreciate Zoe of So, Zo…What do you know? A Sewing Blog for hosting this yearly event.

Refashion Remake-Store bought skirt that I refashioned with vintage flair

I have been sewing my own clothes ever since the 4th grade. By high school I was designing some of my own summer blouses. By college I started embellishing my clothes with vintage flair: ruffles, tucks, and pleats. 

Inspired by a love for creating with my hands, I also wanted to save money. I often find a poor value with off the rack clothing…rarely fitting my unique body shape. Increasingly I find fewer styles that I like. Currently I’m finding poor quality fabrics in ready made clothing, that don’t even survive one round with the washing machine and dryer (despite the use of gentle cycles and low temperature settings). 

Despite my current irritation with off the rack garments, they still comprise the bulk of my wardrobe. Used to be only a couple of my garments were store bought. Over the years sewing became increasingly difficult.

The last I happily purchased fabric was 6 years ago.

Hard to believe that as a little girl in the 70’s I could go to Bruners, a tiny department store in a tiny shopping mall near the country in San Antonio, Texas, that had a small corner of fabric of lucious colors and textures. The problem was in choosing just one.

Even in the 80’s I could walk in to Cloth World (which later became JoAnn’s) and a factory clothing store (that later became Hancocks) and have a mecca of anything I wanted. 

Hancocks closed out a few years ago. JoAnn is a hot mess in Northern Virginia. The fabrics are not organized. They are thrown willy nilly here and there. 

To that end, I greatly appreciate Me Made May to help me refocus on something I truly support…the empowerment that comes from owning our wardrobe, instead of letting off the rack clothing own us.

Scores of seamstresses and tailors participate in this yearly event. I’m hoping to glean shopping ideas for great fabrics from them…and hopefully return to my sewing machine and fill my closet with clothing that I enjoy wearing…clothing with a touch of vintage flair.


‘I, Laurie, pledge to wear clothing I’ve sewn myself throughout May 2021…with a daily analysis of my sewn wardrobe, what I have, what I need, what I like, what I want to change.’

I will be posting photos to my instagram. 

Details on my Refashion Remake Skirt (in the above photo) is here.


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