Despite my great ambitions to start the New Year running with blogging daily to catch everyone up on my projects, travels, and new life, I’m stumbling on how to use WordPress. Hmmm…that appeared to be more difficult than I had imagined.

Thus I’ve been busy organizing my photo stash. First I moved hundreds (perhaps thousands of them) from my phone to laptop. Then I scoured for the best and put them into folders, in preparation to decide where to start blogging. I want to be sequential in leading to my BIG news!

Meanwhile I discovered 4 new comments on my old blog at Blogger. I received no notifications, hence my recent discovery. I tried to reply to those 4 comments but even though I’m signed in to Blogger, I’m not able to comment on ANY Blogger account. So Lillibeth at Blogger, although I am reading your blog, I’ve not been able to leave a comment. =(

However I was so encouraged by the 4 comments on my old blog, that I’ve decided to just TRY blogging at WordPress.

Well, learning comes by doing. Although everything is different, here, the joke is on me. This is easier than I thought! =)

You can also follow me at Instagram. I can at least be more quick to post teasing pictures there, then go into more detail here as I get caught up on all I want to share.

Meanwhile here’s a tiny sneak peak into my new life with my latest sewing project…


2 thoughts on “Learning how to blog at wordpress, Instagram, and a sneak peak into my new life

  1. I can’t understand blogger’s commenting system either, after all these years! When I am signed in, it sometimes won’t even let me comment:)


    1. Love seeing your house remodel. Hopefully I can figure something out about commenting there.
      Thanks for following me, here.


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