So…our lives have changed dramatically in so many ways. Long story short, my kids and I had to sell our house.

The first weekend a few autumnal Octobers ago, the kids and I were helped by our friends to pack and move out. We each had a storage unit at the same storage facility.

We sold the house and turned over the keys to the new owner on October 10.

My daughter got married on October 12!

They spent their honeymoon in Colonial Williamsburg. of course!

My son and I helped her and her new hubby move into their new apartment on October 19.

My son and I found an apartment to live in late October, and that weekend my daughter’s hubby and a friend helped us move in.

In late November my daughter called me on the phone: Mom, you’re going to become a grandma!

My daughter’s first Mother’s Day

Eight months after the big announcement my daughter texts me in panic. Would I help them get the baby room ready. Oh, my! All the baby stuff was everywhere but in the baby’s room. The baby’s room had everything but baby stuff. So…we got to work.

My daughter’s husband asked me to be back up to take her to the hospital, in case he couldn’t get home from work in time.

Then doctor decided to induce labor around July 7.

Meanwhile my daughter’s hubbie said he wanted the baby to be born on July 4 and be a firecracker baby!

I reminded him that he had no control over that.

On July 4 I awoke to a text message from my daughter’s hubbie: Baby decided to keep Mama up ALL night, requiring her to be admitted to the hospital for an Independence Day delivery.

Because of hospital rules at the time, only one person could be with her or even in the hospital on her behalf, so I spent that day helping a friend with house painting while checking texts from the soon to be new daddy.

Finally, my granddaughter arrived, on July 4, just as her daddy intended!

Three generations with new pink quilt for a new granddaughter


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