As I continue to move into my new house, as I continue to work on extensive renovations, (oh, the drama) I dream of blogging but keet getting pulled away to more immediate tasks.

But…the basement is mine! It now has a fireplace that works! I now have storage for my sewing supplies – WIP. And I have a super cool work table – WIP. And I have a neat sewing table dream in the nook – WIP.

To get to that sewing table I first needed to have the deck redone, which after 15 months of haggling with the County to work out permit issues, is nearly complete!

Then we need a new HVAC (which according to new county code) will route through my nook…so can’t really do the sewing nook until we conquer the HVAC.

But we couldn’t conquer the HVAC until we conquered the deck because of new county codes for MORE posts to hold up the upper deck. And we had the cut back the lower deck by 8 feet!

So our tax assessments have flown through the roof apparently because of the work of Mr. Previous DIY Homeowner who did not follow through on permits. So we are heavily taxed on things that County deems are upgrades, that the County is also making us pay tons more to shore up or excessively cut back.

When I’m not distracted by all the clutter, all the dust, all the renovation experts, I’m posting photos to my Instagram.

Because I’m excited about posting photos here, I’m organizing the phtotos on my laptop (because I’ve switched so many accounts while blogging all these years-because the accounts suddenly are held hostage for deemed improvements-I can’t find anything, anymore). Which means I can’t really properly store my new photos in relation to the old.

Since my kitty insisted on napping in my lap yesterday afternoon I looked for a sit down activity, and finally found the password to my defunct Photobucket account that had been held hostage for years. That has finally been cleared out and a few photos rescued. Surely not the County’s fault. That means years of old blog posts are now definitely defunct, because they used Photobucket. So time is needed to restore all that…but the good news is that I plan to restore them to something better! =)

Lillibeth of The Pleasant Times very much inspired me to write this post, based on her most recent posts. Again, I tried to leave a comment but blogger seems to be held hostage as well. Couldn’t possibly be the County holding them hostage!


One thought on “New Sewing Room WIP held hostage by County

  1. I was going to say “I can relate” and then I saw my name lol! It is taking me forever to get through current, urgent little things so I can sit down and blog about the big things. Good luck with the county!


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